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Certification Course

ALEX COSMETIC herbs2peel is probably the most natural of all professional treatment methods, providing a solution for a wide variety of skin conditions and skin problems. herbs2peel is the modern, natural and safe alternative to apparatus-based procedures [such as needling, microdermabrasion] and other established professional peels [chemical peels, fruit acid, etc.] and can be individually adapted to your skin type and skin condition due to the large number of treatment variants.

Beauty Peel | B-Peel

This is a fast & easy, one-day peel, to rejuvenate your skin with no down time & instant results. Recommended for someone with minor skin concerns.


Contra Indications:

Vitamin A Treatments, Chemical Peels and/or Fruit Acid Peels *Wait 4-6 weeks

Laser Treatments *Wait 6-8 weeks

Injectable Treatments with Restylane, Dermafiller, Botox etc. *Wait 4 weeks

Curriculum: B Peel Training


Date: May 20th, June 17th & July 8th, 2024

Time: 9am PST

Location: Online Zoom

Cost: FREE


To register for any of these classes, please email info@europacificllc.com

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