Biodroga Caviar and Radiance


Biodroga Caviar & Radiance: Sensual luxury for a beautiful skin. Dragon fruit extract helps give the skin a new, youthful brilliance.

A double-blind study of dragon fruit extract showed significant improvement of the complexion after 28 days.

This intensification of skin’s radiance immediately gives a youthful appearance –lively and vivid. Skin regains its youthful freshness and the complexion appears even.

This skincare line contains caviar extract. This luxurious ingredient is said to stimulate cell metabolism and micro-circulation in the skin, reducing lines and wrinkles and preventing premature environmentally-induced aging. Caviar extract promotes moisture binding and evens out the skin’s moisture level. Skin appears more even and is provided with optimal care.Gently melting skincare leaving a radiant skin look.