dr grandel professional skin care distributor

Dr. Grandel & Phyris Training & Certification

Get certified and personally experience Dr. Grandel Professional Skincare.

Dr. Grandel Skin Care – Concentrated Nutrients Efficiently Delivered To The Skin.

For over 65 years, DR. GRANDEL has been very successful in developing and manufacturing active concentrate ampoules and skin care for the professional beauty market. This background has provided us with considerable expertise in this category of skin care products.

In this training, you will be certified and trained on how to use the Dr. Grandel Skin Care Systems professionally and how to offer the Dr. Grandel product line to your clients. If desired, we will also help you customize your first order to meet your business needs.

Date: June 19th, 2018
Location: Euro Pacific Training Center Las Vegas

By Invitation Only

Please call 1-800-445-6364 to hold your spot.