dr grandel professional skin care distributor

Scientific methods and the professional approach guarantee beauty products that stand for optimized nature made in Germany.

This provides the feeling of always having chosen the best for the skin and its individual needs.

DR GRANDEL Kosmetik – in love with perfection.

DR. GRANDEL is synonymous with

  • Pure indulgence & visible results
  • Tradition & innovation
  • Effectiveness & tolerance
  • Nature & high tech
  • Appeal & functionality

Cosmotiv Concept by Dr. GRANDEL

  • The treatment concept for more success
  • Facial and body treatments that can easily be incorporated into any salon service menu
  • Developed by professionals for results clients see
  • Contains the “ingredients” that are necessary to grow your business
  • Opens the salon doors to new clients
  • Is a great tool in increasing retails sales

Dr. Grandel Products


Vitamin A C and E skin protection


professional skin care ampoules


Beautygen skin care products for beauty


beautiful skin quickly


professional grade skin cleansing and peeling products

Elements of Nature

natural and professional skin care regime

Face Masks

Hydro Active

best hydration skin line for dry skin

Hydro Lipid

hydro lipid balance for healthy youthful skin


medium light massage oil for all skin types


male skin care line for men

Nutri Sensation

nutrition for skin care

Performance 3D

Phyto Care

natural skin care products from plant sources


a c and e vitamins care for the skin


acne prevention and treatment products

Sensitivity Balance

balance and protect your sensitive skin


glowing healthy skin care


best products to promote youthful skin

Ultra Sensitive

most sensitive skin care