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Dr. Schrammek Green Peel Training & Certification

Dr. Schrammek Professional Skincare.

GREEN PEEL® is the original method developed by Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio – medically inspired, dermatologically efficient – with three new treatment formulas for all application area in the face and on the body at every age. GREEN PEEL® is a biological peeling method that has been used all over the world with great success for over 60 years.



The GREEN PEEL herbal treatment is only available through certified GREEN PEEL practitioners. This 1.5 day training will certify you as a GREEN PEEL practitioner and allow you to offer the full range of derma.cosmetics.

The success of this Herbal Peeling Treatment speaks for itself. It is the solution for various skin problems.

  • Large-pored, seborrheic skin
  • Impure skin, sebum cysts
  • Scars
  • Skin prone to premature formation of wrinkles with sagging face contours
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Anti-Aging prophylaxis
  • Some forms of hyperpigmentations
  • Stretch marks (striae)
  • Sagging skin on the body (abdominal wall, upper arms, thighs)

Day 1: Green Peel Training and Knowledge

Learn how to administer each of the 3 levels – light, medium and intense – to get desired effect.

Receive and experience this natural face peel treatment, yourself.

Learn to market the Green Peel to your clients.

Day 2: Dr. Schrammek Derma.cosmetics

Product knowledge for entire range of Dr. Schrammek products – this is not required in order to get certified for the Green Peel.

Treatment protocol utilizing our full range of Dr. Schrammek derma cosmetics.

Learn how to use this line professionally and to sell to your customers. We can also help you customize your first order to meet your business needs.


The GREEN PEEL herbal treatment is only available through certified GREEN PEEL practitioners only.

Sunday, January 21st (Riverside, CA)
Monday & Tuesday, February 5th & 6th (Las Vegas, NV)
Sunday, March 11th (Riverside, CA)
Monday & Tuesday, April 9th & 10th (Las Vegas, NV)
Sunday, May 20th (Riverside, CA)
Sunday, July 15th (Riverside, CA)
Monday & Tuesday, August 13th & 14th (Las Vegas, NV)
Sunday, September 9th (Riverside, CA)
Sunday & Monday, October 7th & 8th, 2018 (Las Vegas, NV) Big class with trainer from Germany
Sunday, November 11th (Riverside, CA)
Monday & Tuesday, December 3rd & 4th (Las Vegas, NV)
Wednesday December 5th (San Jose, CA) (class full. no more applicants)
TBD Malibu December 2018
Malibu February 25th, 2019
Malibu April 29th, 2019
Malibu June 10th, 2019
Malibu Sept 16th, 2019


Riverside 9:00 am to 4:30 pm (1 day only)

Malibu 10am to 5pm (1 day only)

Las Vegas 9:00am to 4:30pm (Day 1)

Las Vegas 9:00am to 12:30pm (Day 2)


$200.00, Includes:

1.5 Day Training if you attend in Las Vegas

1 Day Training if you attend in Riverside

Home Care Included

Light lunch included


NOTE: We will break for a 30 minutes during lunch time

NOTE: Depending on size of your spa, training may be scheduled at your location.