Euro Pacific, LLC



As long as you are a licensed Esthetician, we have no minimum purchase at this time.


A $15 Non-Delivery Fee will be charged for refused shipments. The Non-Delivery fee will be charged to the payment form selected during checkout.


If an item in your order is out of stock, we will automatically ship the item/items to you when we receive them back in inventory.


All orders can be placed via fax (702) 734-2922, phone (800)-445-6364, or via email In order to expedite processing your order and to help us minimize errors in shipping, please do the following when placing your order:

· We have a minimum of $100 for any order placed, even if you placed one within a 24hr. period. (this excludes backorders)

· Please organize your order on one of our order forms prior to calling, faxing or emailing. Items MUST be organized by description and size. Please be specific. (i.e. BIODROGA, PURAN FORMULA, 24HR CARE FOR DRY SKIN, RETAIL SIZE.

· After an order has been placed, pulled, packed and sealed, callbacks from the customer with additional items needed will be considered a new order and will be charged for shipping accordingly.


· You will be notified when we receive your items back in stock.

· We will not ship back ordered items without the consent of the customer.

· Back ordered items will ship free unless adding several items to the back order. You will then be charged shipping but with a discount applied.

SHIPPING – (standard shipping is regular ground services)

· Most orders will ship within 24 to 48 hours. (this excludes weekends, holidays and trade show times)

· During the months with the highest temperatures (usually July & August) we will not ship on Friday’s. This minimizes the time the product might be held in a warehouse, other than our own, over the weekend. AN AIRFRIEGHT OPTION IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE TO YOU AT AN ADDITIONAL COST.

NOTE: Seller shall not be responsible or liable to buyer for any direct, indirect, consequential, special or incidental damages for delay or failure of deliver, in whole or in part, of buyer’s order. If a delay or failure of delivery shall occur by reason of: riot, war or hostilities between any nations, civil commotions, governmental acts, acts of God, fire, accidents, earthquakes, labor disputes or strikes, delays of carriers, lack of transportation facilities, inability to obtain materials, power or fuel or the curtailment thereof, and other similar or different contingencies beyond the reasonable control of the parties.


· One sample is given per ea. retail item ordered. Unfortunately, samples are not available for each item that we carry. Samples are produced by the manufacturer and we have no control over what is available to the customer.

· If you request more than one sample per retail item, you will be offered them at a small cost.


· ALL ORDERS ARE PRE-PAID. We do not offer credit terms.

· If a credit card is declined during a sale and we have made several attempts to contact you without resolve, your items will return to stock and will not be honored at the sale price.

· For any existing customers that are on “terms”, a returned check fee of $35.00 will be attached to your next order and you will no longer be on “terms” and will have to pre-pay for future orders.


· If your customer makes a return, we suggest you use the remaining product in your back stock for treatments.

· If your customer says they are allergic, they will need to have a doctor fill out our allergy form and return it to us in order to provide you with a refund.

· Buyer is responsible for ALL freight charges associated with the return of a product that is not defective or damaged.

· All other returned product must be in new, unopened, sellable condition and contain all original boxes, lids and materials.

· A credit will be applied to the original form of payment. Store credits are no longer available.

· A restocking fee of 20% will be applied to any returns that are not the mistake of Euro Pacific, LLC.


NOTE: Please check your package IMMEDIATELY. Claims, shortages, wrong items & damaged items MUST be reported to our office within 24 hours of receiving your package. We will not take any “unopened” items back after 30 days from the purchase date.