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Biodroga Special Care Firming Lip Treatment **Coming Soon**

Available to licensed skincare professionals only. To apply for a wholesale account, register under "Skin Care Professionals" tab.

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The intensive care formula with a complex made from valuable oils and waxes. D-Panthenol conditions stressed, irritated, dry lips, strengthens the moisture barrier, re-hydrates, and protects against environmental influences. It counteracts inflammatory processes of the lip skin, relieves itching, and soothes mild irritation. Very demanding lips are intensively condiitoned and return to being pleasantly soft and beautiful.

The ingredient paracresite extract acts like a form of plant-based botox. It relaxes the expressive musculature around the lips, thus the accordion wrinkles appear less deep. Age-related lip wrinkles are smoothed and firmed at the same time. Vitamin E promotes skin cell renewal, making the lips suppler, and counteracts the first signs of aging.


Paracresite extract

Vitamin E

High molecular hyaluronic acid

Citrus Extract

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