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Monthly Treatment for October

Anti -Age Treatment with Stem Cell

By Rodaba Jackson

We have a great special for this month and wanted to write you a treatment idea with these amazing products. The package we put together for you, includes collagen sheets with stem cells, Stem Cell Eye Mask patches and Biodroga Anti Age Cell Formula Concentrate. This treatment is great for wrinkles, dehydrated dry skin, tired skin and skin that is in need of regeneration. The Stem Cells and other active ingredients of these products increases the skin collagen production and nourishes the skin for a younger, smoother looking skin.

Things you need for this treatment:


Cleansing: Skin Specific Cleanser and Toner

Peel: Biodroga Celluscrub Facial Exfoliator

Mask: Collagen Sheet Mask

Concentrate/Serum: Biodroga AACF Anti-Time Premium Concentrate

Finale care: Biodroga AACF Firming Day Care Normal or dry

Massage: Biodroga AACF Firming Night (For Massage)

Final Care: Biodroga AACF Firming Eye Care

If you like to learn more about the products or how the treatment is done, then call our office at 1-800-445-6364 and ask for Rodaba.

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