Treatment of the Month for September

By Rodaba Jackson


Dr. Schrammek Black Clearing Treatment


Acne and impure skin can occur when pores become clocked with oil, bacteria and dirt. There are different reasons why we suffer from this skin issue, such as diet, stress, hormone’s and so on. Dr. Schrammek has some great products and treatments to treat impure skin. The Black Clearing Mask from Dr. Schrammek, clears the skin and the pores from dirt, oil and bacteria.

Things you need:

Cleansing: Deep Pore Cleanser/ Pure skin cleansing Foam and Gel Super Purifiant

Toner: Herbal Care Lotion

Peel: Super Enzyme Peeling and Enzyme regulating Cream & Peeling

Mask: Black Clearing Mask

Ampoule: Impurity Stop

Massage Cream: Ceraderm Professional Cream

Finishing Care: Special regulating cream/ Clear Skin Silver Fluid

Blemish Balm (Light, Classic or Honey)

If you like to know more about this treatment please contact our office at 1-800-445-6364 and ask for Rodaba.