Monthly Treatment for April

By Rodaba Jackson


Dr. Schrammek Vitality treatment


The Dr. Schrammek Vitality treatment is a great treatment to purify and to detoxify the skin.

Cell renewal is activated and skin is vitalized. With this pampering treatment your skin will look vitalized, refreshed and will have a beautiful younger look.

Things you need:


Super Enzyme Peeling

Resvera Cell Concentrate

Super Rich Tonic

Multi Derm Mask

Ceraderm professional cream

Skin Elixier

High Perfection Eye Cream

Optimum Protection Cream



Dr. Schrammek recommends following home care for better result. You can use Active Future Day Cream and Resvera Cell Concentrate. And for a three-week spa treatment for skin stimulation, the Energy Power ampoule is recommended.

If you want to know how the treatment is done or have any other questions, please give us a call at: 1-800-445-6364 and ask for Rodaba Jackson.